Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dome Dog House

I have two Pitbull puppies and they are getting too big to live in our house.  So I'm planning on building a dog dome house just for them.

My plan is to build a 6 feet in diameter dome.  The height will probably be around 3 feet.  That should be plenty of space for the two of them.  Hopefully all goes well.

I used the Desert Domes Calculator to get my calculations.  Their website is very informative and I often visit to keep re-educating my self.  and It seems like I'm learning something new each time I read her site.  I just wish she would update it.

The calculation below is for a 2V Frequency and 6ft diameter.
Strut A Length is 1.854 - I will need 35 struts
Precise calculation by ft and inches is = 1ft x 10.248 inches

Strut B Lenght is 1.639 - I will need 30 struts
Precise calculation by feet and inches is = 1ft x 7.668 inches

Ques:  How much metal conduits will I need to purchase?
 Ans:  Metal conduits are sold by 10ft.  By estimating that each struts will be about 2ft, I can easily assume that I can get 5 struts per each conduits.  Total Struts I will need for this project is 65 struts, So 65x5 = 13 Metal conduits.

Ques:  What size meal conduits to use?
Ans:  Since I'm on a limited budget, and this is my first time building a dome, I will be using 1/2 metal conduits, which will probably cost me $2 each.  So my total cost for metal conduits, will probably be about $26.00

  • Pipe Cutter
  • Drill - for drilling holes
  • Arbor Press - for flattening the ends
  • Black Permanent Marker - to mark my cuts
  • Spray Paint - to mark my struts
Ques:  How to secure to the ground?
Ans:  I'm planning on using bent rebars.

Ques:  How about covering the dome?
Ans:  I haven't made up my mind about this section yet.  I have some ideas:
  • Plastic cover - 
  • Chicken Wire - Metal or Plastic?
  • Cement on chicken wire
  • Plywood - cheap, lightweight
  • Round Swimming Pool Covers
This is a round swimming pool cover I found on ebay, being sold for $17.00  

I also found this on  Its round, water proof tarp- the ebay seller is fogdog.  There are plenty to choose from when it comes to ROUND TARPS on ebay and they seems to be reasonable. 


Here's another pool cover, so you can really get the idea of using a round swimming pool cover.
click image to follow the link and where to get these inexpensive covers.
But do BEWARE, some swimming pool covers do have holes.  So Pay attention to what you purchase. 

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