Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally completed my first geodesic dome

I am so ecstatic!  I actually completed my very first geodesic dome.  With the help of my daughter and her boyfriend.  Although I bought (35) thirty-five 1/2"inch metal conduit to build a 8'ft 7"inch 2V dome, I was too excited and inpatient.  To test my work, I decided after drilling 25 of my struts "B", to go ahead to see how well it connects.  So I ended up setting a 1V geodesic dome.  and here is the outcome.  See photos below.

The struts are 5feet 3inches 5.3 in length and they are 1/2 in diameter.
I ended up returning my 3/8 nuts, bolts and washer and replaced them with 1/4 inch.  
and I'm glad I did.  They work better for this project.

My plan remains.  To cover the sides by wrapping wire fencing  and using a tarp or swimming pool cover as cover.   I definitely have to figure out how to make it winter friendly.  Just a reminder, I am building these 1V geodesic dome as dog kennels.

Here's sample of a 1V geodesic by 

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