Thursday, April 23, 2015

The many uses of geodesic domes

I am so happy that I figured out how to make these things.  For the longest, I didn't think for it to be possible.  But after watching many youtube videos and researching online, I took a chance and plunged in straight on building project.  This is what I use the geodesic domes for:

This is a 1V geodesic dome. The struts are 2.5 ft in length.  It is use as a dog house for my dog.  I cover it with tarp.  I used large paper clips to hold the tarp in place.  I then wrapped the yarn around the dome twice to hold the tarp down to keep it away from blowing.  I got that idea from watching people on youtube building their yurts.  They would wrapped the yurt with rope to hold the material in place.

I used a children's swimming pool that has about 4ft in width across  for the mom and her pups.  Plenty of room for mom and her puppies.  Eventually as the puppies grow bigger, I will replace the swimming pool with hey to give them more room.  The dome is also wrapped in chicken wire except for the opening.  

Here is another 1V geodesic dome.  The struts are all 5ft in length.  
I built this geodesic dome for my garden.  To keep the dogs out.  

This dome is also wrapped in chicken wire to keep my dogs out.

I'm growing tomatoes, green beans, peas, cilantro, bayleaves, cucumbers and squash.

This is a 2V geodesic dome.  Meaning 2 sizes of struts are used.  A 4.7 and 5.3ft  half and inch metal conduits. I use this dome as storage space.  It's been over a year since I made and it has been standing still since.  My dogs, which I have 7 pitbulls, uses this as a shelter when it rains outside.  but don't worry, they are often in the house.  This dome is really impressively strong.  I have a hammock hanging inside. and I weight about 215 lbs. and it have no problem carrying my fat ass.  I've slept in it multiple times.  Because I actually like breeze and sound of the rain.

So what do you use your dome for?

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