Sunday, May 25, 2014

Geodesic dome for pitbull dogs and puppies

I think they are about a month old.  and already figured out how to escape out of  their dome.  So I decided to work on the big dome to give them more space to roam around and play.  But I realize the dome is way to big for them. And besides, they know how to get back inside and sleep in their small dome.  So I took them back to their original 1V geodesic dome

Anyway here are photos of them inside the big dome.

knocked out sleep in the hot sun inside a geodesic dome.

view of the dome. 
this time I used a 2x50ft chicken wire and only cost almost $9 at Lowe's
I bought two rolls. 

I covered it with tarp and planning on using more

I also bought a hammock at Walmart for only $20 bucks.  and it held my fat ass!  
I am so in love with it.

Here's a close up of the dome.  As you can see, it is chicken wire held together by zip ties.  I used about 200 zip ties from Harbor Freight for only $4.00

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